Plant History

The first stage of 500l/s was initially designed by James M. Montgomery Consulting Engineers, Inc. USA and built by PT Multi Structure (civil works) and Biwater from England (Mechanical & Electrical) in association with PT Mitra Napa.

Plant EntranceThe plant was completed in 1984. The project was financed by the World Bank.

In 1996, an 80 l/s metallic package plant was added and supplied by PT Maswandi, under a grant from the Ministry of Public Works.

The second stage of 500 l/s was designed by PT. Ceria Konsulindo, built by PT. Nindya Karya and PT. Cahaya Murni Dirganusa for the civil works with the Mechanical and electrical equipment supplied by Metax Engineering PTE Ltd, Singapore. The project was financed by the Asian Development Bank and completed in 1998.

History of PDAM Tirta Kerta Raharja Kabupaten

In 1923, the government of Netherlands Indies builds a new water supply system, capacity 6 Litres/second, in Kota Tangerang. The system was then managed by a body called "Water Leiding Bedrijf".

In 1943, when the Kabupaten Tangerang is formed, the water supply system is transferred to Bupati Tangerang, and the Water Leiding Bedrijf under the Kabupaten Tangerang's Public Works Local Office.

In 1945, after the proclamation of the independence of the Republic Indonesia, the name" Water Leiding Bedrijf" is changed into "Perusahaan Air Minum Kabupaten Tangerang".

30 years later, the management of clean water supply becomes under the responsibility and authority of Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum Kabupaten Daerah Tingkat II Tangerang ("PDAM"), as per Kabupaten Daaerah Tingkat II Tangerang's Local Regulation No. 10/HUK/1976 dated 13 April 1976. This was legalized by the Governor of West Java Province under the Decree No. 347/HK.011/SK/1976 dated 1st August 1976.

Cikokol PlantIn 1999, the Decree No. 001.690/SK.108-HUK/1999 dated 27 May 1999 issued by the Bupati of Tangerang legalizes the name and logo of PDAM. Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum Kabupaten Daerah Tingkat II Tangerang becomes Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum Tirta Kerta Raharja Kabupaten Tangerang.

Today, the PDAM's production of treated water is around 5,000 l/s, serving almost 100,000 households and businesses approx. in Tangerang Area as well as in Jakarta which buys 2,800 l/s approx. of drinking water in bulk from PDAM. PDAM employs around 500 people.

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Plant Overview

The Cikokol Water Treatment Plant is located on the eastern bank of the Cisadane River, in the Tangerang region of Indonesia.

Water Production Rate

The graph below shows the latest treated water production rates at the Cikokol plant (litres/sec):